Don’t read if you’re not feeling well, can’t handle suicidal thoughts and such..

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When people nearby are laughing.

Normal person: I wonder what's funny?

Me: They're laughing at me.


when people say nice things about you


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Hoping I get some extra money this month to make my dream of visiting London again come true. I found a 3 day Farry trip wich isn’t too expensive.

Day 1 overnight with the ferry to Great-Brittain, then train to London. Day 2 at London and at night back to the ferry. Day 3 overnight back to the Netherlands


The problem with rich people is that they don’t see how broken the system is because they don’t experience it so ‘that’s can’t be true’ like. Listen to poor people and stop trying to take the small amount of money they have.

I’m starting a test to see if the people I consider my friends are really friends.
I won’t be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram anymore and I won’t show up this friday at my swimmingclub. I won’t awnser any WhatsApp message unless they are asking if I’m okay.

Let’s wait and see how many days/weeks it will take for someone to notice.

The only people that I won’t shut out are my parents and my psychologist because they would totally freak out, report me missing and they might even think I (tried to) commit suicide. While I don’t have any of those thoughts at the moment. I won’t hurt them.


Hi guys, I really could use your help.
I’ve entered a Dutch writing contest about the subject: Over the Border. My Border is my mental disorder and with this piece I hope to raise awareness about mental illnesses BUT to do so I have to end up in the top 40 entries. Then a team of professional…

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