Dutch Horror Story: trying to find your bike in a 500+ bicycle parking station

Dutch Horror Story, the Sequel: you’ve found your bike but it’s crammed in between like 10 other bikes


is this actually a thing?? like I’m in the neighbour country and no one’s ever told me about this, I’m slightly worried about you guys over there

this is daily in holland

yes, everywhere in the netherlands

And now they are building a bicycle parking station for 12.500 bikes at the Trainstation of Utrecht. In hopes you will find your bike now without it being crammed between 10 others

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Today I met someone who couldn’t pronounce the name Tumblr right… And this was after someone said the word Tumblr the right way.

Really how in the world she did it, I don’t know and I can’t even repeat the way she said it because it was so akward.

Don’t read if you’re not feeling well, can’t handle suicidal thoughts and such..

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When people nearby are laughing.

Normal person: I wonder what's funny?

Me: They're laughing at me.


when people say nice things about you


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Hoping I get some extra money this month to make my dream of visiting London again come true. I found a 3 day Farry trip wich isn’t too expensive.

Day 1 overnight with the ferry to Great-Brittain, then train to London. Day 2 at London and at night back to the ferry. Day 3 overnight back to the Netherlands


The problem with rich people is that they don’t see how broken the system is because they don’t experience it so ‘that’s can’t be true’ like. Listen to poor people and stop trying to take the small amount of money they have.